The nature of the human race is designed to experience life in different phases; the good, the bad, the ugly, the happy, the sad, the favorable, the unfavorable, the sweet and the bitter experiences. All these communicate unique languages to us and our ability to understand what really they communicate is very vital towards informing our decision as to whether to make progress, rest on our laurels, become lacadesical or in other cases, redraw. There are sweet and blossoming days , but what happens to our state of mind when the unprecedented suddenly hits us and we are faced with a situation that makes us uncomfortable.

Our existence on earth comes along with sweet and tough times. We are very comfortable and hay when we experience the beautiful side of situations but most of the times, we fall short in tough times which seldom speaks various languages to us, respective to our dispensation and locality.

These tough times which i call threats present themselves before our schedules, life plans, our achievements and even our businesses and whether we plan for it or not, unprecedented events sometimes come in a form threat to the human race to interrupt our planned schedules.

This is the reality in the journey of life but the truth about unprecedented events is that, no matter the toughness of a situation, there are unseen opportunities concealed within the threats that are presented before us.

I can tell you of a fact, that not all perilous winds are meant to destroy; while some come and disturb the stillness of the waters others also help to thrust you unto your next level and our ability to perceive opportunities in the midst of threats is not a skill that is learned but a prudence that is observed.

Our nature as human beings is quick to react to discomfort. But more than ever, we ought to cultivate an attitude that asks the question : “what opportunity is this threat posing before me?” Asking yourself this question does not mean you are abnormal to react to issues but you are instead developing the toughness to achieve your plans in a much better way if you closely look at threat at hand.

For the purpose of the topic in quest, i would like to focus on how threats can be opportuned for our business and our personal goals.

How Threats can sometimes be opportunities:

Perceiving threat as an opportunity is not a skill that is learned but a prudence that is observed. For an ardent business person or organization, there ought to be an understanding that threats are factors considered in the existence of any serious business and to be conscious of this fact will help put you on toes to restrategize and re-organize when sudden threats arise. This is the time to react if the situation at hand is unprecedented; but reacting strategically to the issue. while being functional has a business entity. Facing threats of any kind is not the time to back out but the time to hibernate and shoot.

This equally applies to our personal lives, when threats conflict with our set goals for a particular year or season. It is the time for us to brood and ask in depth questions of ‘the How’ to turn this mishap into an opportunity for me.

So the next time you are faced with a difficult and unfriendly situation, be calm, be patient to ask yourself how can i turn or use this situation to my advantage. You will be amazed what the outcome will be if you look at threats with an eye of searching for an opportunity.


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