Reviewed: March 2019                    

Next review due: March 2020

At Pleroma Academy, we believe that intensive English programs are designed to immerse learners in an English-speaking environment to help them effectively develop their language skills.

We believe the English-Only policy will help students to improve their English proficiency, prepare them for the high demands of using English proficiency in real-world interaction, and also demonstrate respect for other students and teachers who cannot understand their first language, as well as for other students learning goals and efforts.

To make sure that Pleroma Academy provides the platform for growth and development, to help students achieve their language learning goals, all enrolled students are to comply with the English-only policy so as to avoid removal from the course.

A Pleroma Academy, nous croyons que les programmes d’anglais intensifs sont conçus pour immerger les étudiants dans un environnement anglophone de sorte à les aider à bien développer leurs compétences linguistiques. Nous croyons que la politique d’unilinguisme anglais les aiderait à améliorer leur compétence en anglais, à affronter les exigences élevées liées à l’emploi de l’anglais dans leurs interactions avec le monde réel, à faire preuve de respect envers les autres étudiants et les enseignants qui ne comprennent pas leur premiére langue, et à apprécier les objectifs et les efforts académiques des autres étudiants.

Dans le souci d’accompagner les étudiants dans l’atteinte de leurs objectifs linguistiques et créer une plateforme de croissance et de développement continue, nous invitons tous les étudiants inscrits à Pleroma Academy, à se conformer à la présente politique sous peine de les sortir du programme.

Policy for the Safe Use of Images and Film in Social Media and Publicity Materials


Reviewed: September 2018

Next review due: September 2020

Statement of Responsibility

At Pleroma Academy, we undertake to use digital images and film in a responsible and appropriate way in Pleroma Academy materials, including social media sites.

We respect students’ rights of privacy (and the rights of parents/guardians of U18s) and we are aware of potential safe-guarding and child protection issues. The school therefore makes every reasonable effort to minimize risk by following the guidelines detailed in this policy and by obtaining the students’ consent (and for U18s, parental consent) for the use of images and film.

Images (photographs) and film of people studying/working at the school brings real-life interest to publicity materials and social media sites, promoting the school and its activities.

Making use of images/film for publicity materials and to promote the school in the media

• provides a snapshot of life at the school for future students, their families and agent partners

• increases student motivation by creating and cementing connections between students

• helps former students continue enjoying being part of the Pleroma Academy family


Pleroma Academy also enjoys student-generated positive publicity, in the form of images and film.



This policy applies to the use of images/film in school publicity materials, on its website, on the school’s pages on social media sites, and in the press. The implementation of this policy is the responsibility of all staff.

Pleroma Academy will:

• ensure that images/film are stored on a secure network to which members of the public have no access

• ensure that images/film are only used by those authorised to do so

• obtain parental/guardian consent for the use of images/film of U18s (Parental/Guardian Consent Form)

• clearly describe how images/film may be used (Pleroma Academy Terms and Conditions)

• obtain the consent of staff (Staff Handbook)

• remind students of appropriate use of images/film (information posters in school)


Safe-guarding and child protection

Pleroma Academy has developed this policy to make every effort to minimize risk, when individual students can be identified in images/film.

In the event of the inappropriate use of images/film of any U18s, the Safe-guarding Officer will inform the relevant authorities.

Policy on Student Attendance and Absence

Reviewed: March 2019                    

Next review due: March 2020


Pleroma Academy monitors student attendance. This is explained to teachers in the Teaching Staff Handbook and to students in the Welcome Meeting and students are given the following information about this in their Study Pack and Welcome Pack. Class times are shown on the timetable in the Study Pack. All students are expected to attend all lessons. Pleroma Academy keeps a record of the number of hours that each student attends. Students should always be on time for lessons. If students are more than ten minutes late for a lesson, they will be marked absent. If a student is less than 10 minutes’ late, they should apologize to the teacher and give the reason why.



All students are expected to attend all classes. Students must inform the administration in advance if they expect to be absent. They must have a good reason for this. For students on courses of 10 weeks or more, hours of attendance and reasons for any absence will be recorded on a spreadsheet by the Academic Support teacher.

If a student is absent from school for more than 2 consecutive days and does not tell us, we will telephone the student, their host or emergency contact. If a student cannot come to school unexpectedly, they must phone the school before 8:30am, or ask their host to do this for them.



If a student wants to take a holiday (for any reason, including religious observance) during their course, they must tell the school at least two weeks before the start of their holiday. We do not refund fees for holidays.

Smoking, E-Cigarette And Vaping Policy

Reviewed: March 2019                    

Next review due: March 2020

At Pleroma Academy, smoking (cigarettes, cigars, pipes) is prohibited in enclosed public work places and schools.

It is not a legal offence to smoke e-cigarettes or vape in a public place in Ghana. However, some e-cigarettes release a vapor or substance.

To make sure that Pleroma Academy provides a comfortable studying and working environment for all, Pleroma Academy prohibits the use of all smoking devices throughout and around the building.

If students or staff wish to smoke e-cigarettes or vape during break times, they should leave the building to do so.

However, they are requested not to smoke/vape in Office Outlet Car Park or directly outside the school entrance.