Africa is on the rise at growing in its populace of literacy. However, in recent times, the dynamic age the world has entered into is demanding something beyond academic results. The recent phase of the world is in quest for a blend of soft skills and hard skills other than solely hard skills (technical know-how).

Organizations are shifting from acquiring just intelligent score marks on educational transcripts and well-built résumés, in search of individuals who have the capacity to execute leadership abilities regardless of the position they find themselves in the work field.

Leaders are built through experience and we believe that every individual who comes through our door is destined for greatness. This is why we see the need to embrace this aspect of education in our programme, in order to develop every individual who passes through our hands.

Through the soft skill development in character building, we empower students to be able to take responsibilities of their lives and their surroundings, hence sharpening their consciousness to be responsible for their societies. Areas under the soft skill development programme include:

  1. Team Spirit
  2. Communication
  3. Empathy
  4. Leadership
  5. Personal Development
  6. Emotional Intelligence

These and many other ethical topics under the soft skill development are engulfed in our programme, helps us model individuals for higher achievements in life, develop the right attitude in the corporate environment and make them positive influencers in the society.



Through various immersive French programmes Pleroma College supports orphaned children and also just basically meet their basic needs through donations, parties etc…

Every year Pleroma College dedicates its time to impact societies with language learning; an initiative of youth volunteerism. Through this exercise, communities benefit from Pleroma French Programme; a commitment we’ve made towards our mission. Additionally, the satisfactory aim of Pleroma being people oriented, would have us make visitations to donate to less privileged individuals within societies including orphanages.