Why investing in language skills will leverage your career and business – Online Talk – 25th July 2020


Starting to pick up a new Language can be endearing but the benefits that is often reaped from it comes with great opportunities.
The challenges that most newbies encounter are amongst fear of mistakes and lack of strategy.
In this online seminar, Product Manager at GB Foods, Amma Yirenkyi and Director of Pleroma Academy, Mylande Edoun Odjo spoke of their experiences in the journey towards acquiring a second Language, their challenges and the laudable opportunities they have come in contact with in their career.
Indeed about 90 percent learners of a new Language are mostly mistake conscious. Thus, holding them back from speaking freely and confidently.
This is however is the fact that catches up on every learner, but the decision to speak any way, regardless of grammatical limitations is what fuels the interest and consistency to grasp the language being learnt.
Speaking at the session however, it was said that, to have a firm grip over a new Language as a newbie, you could follow these strategies:
▪️Avoid Literal translations when learning a new language
▪️Put aside your first language and immerse yourself into the new language you want to learn
▪️Approach the new language you want to acquire with a mindset of a child.
▪️Don’t worry about the grammatical errors, speak anyway. Form your own sentences.
▪️You may travel to the country where the language you seek to learn is spoken or decide to learn it from your hometown, it largely depends on your dedication to have a full grip of it.
▪️Be intentional about what your desire to speak.
▪️Connect with Native speakers.
▪️Listen to audios (Radio stations) that speak the language you seek to learn
In sharing the benefits of possessing a second Language, a third or more, speakers disclosed how their careers have transited through various levels of progress, more especially, giving them a competitive edge in their respective industries.
Some of the benefits mentioned were:
▪️Greater competitive edge
▪️Increased financial renumeration among several others.
Additionally, it was carefully emphasized that the need for bi /multi lingualism should not be overlooked; as the world continues to become a Global Village, it’s quintessential for business minded associates and professionals to strategically consider the element of Language acquisition as they look to advance themselves, thereby going GLOBAL.
The seminar saw participants with a breakout session, giving participants the opportunity to network among each other, speaking the French Language.
The exercise allowed participants to express themselves regardless of mistakes uttered.
Summing it up, participants were charged with the opportunity to take up the opportunity to position themselves in the the world of work through language.

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