Being a PASS Mentor is a wonderful learning experience for both the student and the mentor.

Every year Pleroma Academy Student Scholarship (PASS) recruits committed individuals to serve as mentors for our students.

Since our Mentorship Programme is one of the most valuable resources that PASS offers to its students, we are looking for persons who have an interest and desire to help develop our students to become future leaders of Ghana.

A Mentor must:

  • Be passionate about engaging with youth
  • Attend a two-hour orientation (evening or weekend)
  • Meet your student and his/her family at the Open Day (evening or weekend)
  • Visit your student; a minimum of 4times in a year
  • Commit to mentoring for the full four year of Tertiary education.
  • Provide feedback to PASS regarding your relationship with your mentee.

If you wish to become a mentor, or have any questions, please contact Majorie on: 0502095950

Or email: