PASS’ vision is to inspire and develop balanced and global leaders for Africa. To build leaders, potentials must be identified and nurtured holistically.

PASS partners with schools, orphanages and community based organisations to identify academically distinguished, low income learners to flourish at Ghana’s top tertiary institutions.

We endeavor to follow up and support our graduates to ensure that they take advantage of all opportunities available to them post tertiary.

We also encourage them to give back to their respective communities by means of, amongst others, volunteering with various civil society organizations, tutoring and mentoring their peers and other PASS scholars and transfer the caring and empowering spirit to future generations.

PASS expects its scholars to succeed in their tertiary training and ultimately contribute to Africa’s development and competitiveness.



Higher education is a means by which human capital is developed and awareness is created and instilled in individuals, to think and see themselves as active citizens.

In the strive to attain a common goal for the African society; an agenda being pushed by the United Nations in its Sustainable Development Goals- To provide quality and affordable education for all, Pleroma Academy Student Sponsorship is an initiative that is here to support the good intent of African leaders to make education affordable to the less privileged in the society.

Education has become rather expensive than affordable at the tertiary level, in recent times, creating a big gap between the higher education and brilliant but financially constrained students in the society.

Which is why the PASS Programme is here to bridge this gap and empower academically brilliant but needy student with hope for their future.

With the every passionate SUPPORT from you as part of the African society we can give this opportunity to our brilliant but needy students.




PASS; because we care, we empower…