Many people underestimate increasing their value when looking at building a Global career. Nothing happens by chance or accident. You will qualify for an opportunity, 30 percent, because you prepared and strategically positioned yourself for it. Truth remains, that there can be instances of divine influence to put you where you don’t deserve but on some occasions, the same divine influence can push you through because you have something that is in demand.

Now, here are 3 reasons why you will be valuable to any company:

  1. Because you are Versatile:

Fact on the ground is, many companies are beginning to see through the eyes of innovation in this competitive world of work. One very sensitive area that is mounting pressure in the business stream is the need for a retained client relationship. Clients are now seeking something beyond a one-time service; they look forward to being understood for their needs specifically when describing their needs.

This is where organizations who have staffs that exhibit versatility in communication, remain valuable to the organization’s progress. Having staffs who speak both French and English, or perhaps even more, implies, being fearless and graceful to receive customers in those line of languages.

  1. Because you strategically position yourself to be in demand:

Building a career as a young individual, demands that you open your eyes to various streams of opportunities that are available around you. It is no child’s play that everyone is running after the same job position or even building a similar career as you. In as much as you are ardently pursuing after tremendous career achievements, have you taken time to deeply and frankly ask yourself why you should be chosen, or even picked amongst a mob of over 1million young graduates , passionate and qualified as you think you are? Tell you what, you’ve got to have something different that these 1million people, from different backgrounds and qualifications do not have; and a crucially beneficial factor you can strategically aim at, is acquiring a different language; French, English, Chinese or even more.

  1. Because your mind is perceived to think beyond your world:

Top notch companies would rather retain a staff who is multifunctional other than mono-functional. Reason being that, it is perceived that having to speak two or more languages, your mind thinks and sees beyond your world into some other person’s world and interaction. Thus, having an individual whom a company can travel around different countries with, speaking different languages, would be much beneficial to them, financially and competitively.

So what holds you back? Think through; envision the longevity of your career and decide to acquire another language.

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