14th December, 2019 marked our third visit to another Orphanage home in Ghana (West Africa) ; in the surburb of Accra, an averagely small town called Teshie. Teshie Orphanage Home had been in existence for twenty-five years when Mr Colonel Nick Sowatey and Mrs Janet Parker took the burden upon themselves to establish a home for rejected and abandoned children from early stages within the residence.

The vision of the home is to shelter needy and deprived children who largely are found within the Teshie town and its outskirts and provide them with the needed parental guidance towards development.

The Home, has over the years seen some of the children who had passed through the centre, to higher levels in education and has some of them playing highly respected roles in the nation.

Thus, being driven by our mission to inspire highly balanced and motivated individuals, with a conscious effort of their responsibility towards the society, we decided not only to present donations to the home, but also empower them.

Some items presented were: a bag of rice, detergents, a gallon of cooking oil, biscuits, drinks, water and clothes.
These, having received with so much gratitude by the proprietress of the Home, expressed with heartfelt appreciation for the good done to the children and what’s more, the unique package of our PASS Programme – Pleroma Academy Student Sponsorship.

Director of Pleroma Academy, Mrs Mylande Odjo in her final words to the children of Teshie Orphanage Home expressed in a remarkable tone of passion, saying: “your background does not count in whether you will make it or not; life is about principles and it is what you believe and apply that would get you to the top so never ever allow your background to stop your dreams!”

As part of a fun activity, we engaged the children in an interactive session of sharing what each one of them desired to become in future.

It was indeed an amazing experience and for us, it gives us a great delight to serve our community with the tool of education through language acquisition programs and educational sponsorship.

… Because we care, we empower…

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