Learning can be fun! Pleroma Academy is at it again with its Teen Immersive Vacation in Ghana.
Pleroma Academy’s Teen Immersive Vacation is a programme that receives students and individuals from francophone and various countries around the world to explore Ghana, its rich culture and resources.
This year, the Teen Immersive Vacation #Ghana 2019 hosted close to 90 students from College La Salle in Burkina Faso, students from Benin, Congo and Cote D’ Voire.
The programme is purposely designed to give our guests a hospitable treat to explore the land’s natural resources and eventful sceneries while acquiring studies in the English language in a more creative and fun approach with us.




Through this eventful ride, we take our guests on a tour to explore memorial sites such as the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum in Accra and the Elmina Castle in Cape Coast; industrial places such as the Ghana Ports and Harbour Authority in Tema, recreational places such as Labadi Beach, the Junction Mall, Accra Mall, Marina Golf Park and finally educative places such as the renowned University of Ghana-Legon and many more. As part of our touring package, we give our guests a three-hour intensive English Language studies filled with practicals and active interaction activities in Grammar &Vocabulary, Conversational English and Phonetics. The learning experience always remains creative and fun packed!


The Programme receives guests every year; from July to August to enjoy learning English through recreation, designed to give foreigners a practical experience of language studies through tourism and also encourage a healthy intercultural exchange amongst African countries.