Pleroma Academy sees its 4th batch of its English students off



Once again, Pleroma Academy sees its 4th batch of its English students off after an intensive immersive three to nine-month of English Language studies.

Pleroma Academy opens its doors to non-English speakers all around the world, every year, to enroll in its Immersive English program for three or more months. The Language program is designed to give students a fully immersive language acquisition package through grammar and vocabulary building, comprehensive reading and writing, conversational listening and speaking and phonetics.

The immersive Language program is focused on empowering students to speak, thus, indulging students beyond the walls of lecture hall learning; an outdoor activity embedded in the journey of our language studies.

It has been a diligent steady course for all our students and on this day; 21st September 2019, we reckon the efforts and beautiful pain our students have taken through the course journey. We also initiated on this August platform, a rewarding package to students who truly expressed the culture and spirit intended to be imbibed in our mission of raising ethical leaders. The reward package, first of all, highlighted most outstanding students, active and very involved in the course of studies both in and out of class. Secondly, it awarded the most punctual student and finally the student who expressed the character of selflessness and service throughout the course journey.

At Pleroma Academy we seek to churn the leadership potentials in our students, empowering them to take up responsibilities in society.

Pleroma Academy:

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