Minimum entry level: Beginner

Adults, All categories, Business English, English for Work


Take up an Online English Pro course in Oil and Gas customized to specifically meet the needs of technical workers in upstream and downstream.

The course content is designed not only to help professionals, but also individuals seeking to enter the industry. Our team of quality teachers will tailor the course syllabus, vocabulary used, operational procedures and terminologies upfront with the requirements of the industry standards. You will master the art of using specific expressions demanded in your work-related area. Your course may also be supplemented with topics in areas such as, Health, Safety and General business communication.

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Objectives of English for Oil and Gas course:

On successfully completing this course, you will:

  • Be confident to Speak English
  • Be capable of working and socializing in a cross-cultural environment
  • Be equipped to read and understand the use of technical and environmental texts in diverse forms
  • Participate in discussions relating to working in the Oil and Gas industry

Course Areas for Oil and Gas:

This course fully covers areas in:

  • Oil and Gas today: Introductions and greeting, Finding out about oil reserves
  • Personal Skills: How to manage time, how to manage stress
  • Meeting: Exchanging opinions, agreeing, disagreeing, chairing a meeting, suggestions
  • Environmental protection
  • Production: Asking for and giving updates, Finding out about the job as an installation manager
  • Project management: How to delegate effectively, Monitoring progress, Organising an exhibition, Project manager job
  • Safety and risk management: How to give warnings and reminders, How to measure risk, Safety engineer job
  • Industry future: How to work in a team
  • Careers in Oil and Gas