Minimum entry level: Intermediate



Every sales person with cohesive understanding in client relationship management understands what it means to convince and communicate the right plethora of words in this industry. You are aware you could really do much better at your sales delivery if only you had English Language Training in sales. Indeed, you can, as much as our live Online English Pro for Sales is available, you would become more effective and improved in presentation skills, managing negotiations as well as broadening and building your Business English vocabulary and communication prowess with higher level of confidence.

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Objectives of Online English Pro for Sales:

On completing the full lessons of the course, you will:

  • Know how to effectively use “the language of sales”
  • Be able to handle cross cultural differences
  • Be equipped with appropriate usage of English in meetings
  • Acquire skills in dealing with questions, objections and negotiations
  • Be able to foretell future trends and changes

Sample Syllabus for Online English Pro Course for Sales

This course covers areas in:

  • Jobs and responsibilities: Job titles and tasks, a sales meeting, a requisition
  • New contacts: At a trade fair, relationship building, follow-up emails
  • Offers: A sales pitch, a request for proposal, an offer letter
  • Negotiations: Tips for successful negotiations, negotiating styles
  • Orders: Numbers and figures, taking orders, contract terms and phrases
  • Customer care: Dealing with problems over the telephone, online, and in writing
  • Advertising, Branding. Consumer behaviour
  • Hosting visits, socialising, meeting and greeting

Persuading and compromising